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UK Loyalty Program Developer

Looking for a UK loyalty program developer? We’ve built a loyalty system that runs within the Facebook Messenger app

We’ve used all of the feedback we’ve gathered over 5 years of creating loyalty programs for UK businesses to offer a system that’s simple for customers and businesses alike.

Our loyalty system offers the easiest onboarding process imaginable. Since Messenger has 1.2 billion users as of April 2017, your customers don’t need to download a new app or register for a new account to earn loyalty rewards at your business!


(or visit this page for the loyalty stamp card version)

To see the loyalty rewards bot in action, you’ll use two bots at the same time…

1 – Customer Bot

First try the Messenger demo HERE – tap the Get Started button (first visit) or say Hi (subsequent visits) to check-in as a customer

2- Business Bot

After checking in on Messenger… CLICK ON THE BLUE CHAT CIRCLE in the bottom right of this page to open up the business / staff bot. Say Hi to start it up, then select your name, award yourself points and redeem rewards. If you need to restart it at any point just type Exit, then Hi again. ALTERNATIVELY, you can do this in the Telegram app – username @DemoLoyaltyBot. We’d actually recommend this method for your live bot.

For a limited time only, take advantage of a 14-day free trial, followed by a monthly price of $20 / £15 per location.

Get in touch using the contact form below to learn more about creating your loyalty program… or sign up here


How does it work for customers?

Customers will open the Messenger app, find your loyalty Page (which we’ll create for you), tap the Get Started button on the first visit, that’s it, they’re checked in… which brings them to the top of your dashboard for staff to award them points or stamps. On subsequent visits your customers will simply reopen the chat and type anything to check in again. Customers will always be able to see their current points and rewards on offer within the chat.

How does it work for staff?

Using a web-based dashboard on a smartphone, tablet or other screen, staff will simply ask for the customer’s name and select the number of stamps / points to award. If the customer has enough stamps / points to redeem a reward, the bot will ask the question; staff will then tap on a reward to redeem it or select “No”. That’s it.

How does it work for your business?

Before launching your loyalty program, you’ll choose between a points loyalty system (i.e. customer spends $25, earns 25 points) and a more traditional stamp card loyalty system, i.e. one coffee = one stamp. After making this choice, you’ll simply provide us with up to 3 rewards to offer; these can be changed later too at no extra cost. Rewards could be tailored to help retain customers and drive sales of particular items that they might not otherwise have tried or to increase spending during slow hours. You should be up and running within a day or two. We’ll also create a promo poster for you to have on display.

Push messages – the bigger picture

Send messages to customers in Messenger! Share news, specials and the latest loyalty rewards. The opportunity to really stand out with this new marketing channel is now – beat your competitors to it!

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