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Toronto Bot Developer

Looking for a Toronto bot developer? We’ve been creating bots, apps, games and websites for hundreds of clients worldwide since 2012

Our focus is now on developing bots as we’re confident they’ll replace many apps, given the decline in consumers’ desire to download new apps and sign up for new accounts. Messenger bots can avoid these two steps that make onboarding difficult, since most people already have a Facebook account and have the Messenger app on their smartphone. Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users as of April 2017.

What do you want your bot to do?

Use cases include loyalty rewards, e-commerce, customer service, booking systems, food ordering, product discovery or to replicate the success of website and app directories that were early movers – such as a bot for a city guide, a fitness guide, coffee guide, restaurant guide, bar guide and so on; collecting the user’s location to recommend nearby places and services.

Here’s some of our live bots you can try:

Try our Loyalty Rewards Bot that we custom-brand for each business – info on Loyalty-Bots.com


Try our Food Ordering Bot that can be used inside your custom-branded chatbot – more info on Loyalty-Bots.com


Try our live Booking System Bot that can be used inside your custom-branded chatbot – more info on SoBoBot.com 


If you’re looking for a Toronto bot developer, contact us today to learn more about creating your chatbot.

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