Allow consumers to buy products, receive recommendations and get automated customer service help – all within Facebook Messenger, with a retail bot.

A custom-branded retail bot takes advantage of the latest untapped marketing channel, allowing customers to browse through your catalogue, answering questions based on their preferences in order to receive the most relevant product recommendations; all within Facebook Messenger. Potential customers can also subscribe to receive relevant updates, which they’ll receive via Messenger. TRY OUR RETAIL DEMO, the Tommy Hilfiger bot or the Whole Foods bot.

Be where your customers are

Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users as of April 2017, so your customers don’t need to download a new app or register for a new account to use the service. Since they’re already using Messenger, it’s an easily accessible way for them to pass the time looking at products or to do something more functional, such as a booking a personal shopper. After the user finds a product of interest, they can add it to their cart and pay for it directly within Messenger, or they can be directed to the relevant page on your website to process the transaction.

Automated push messages – the bigger picture

Send messages to customers in Messenger! Share updates, new arrivals and the latest offers. These can also be automated, so if a customer hasn’t returned within a month (for example) they could receive a message to tempt them back in. The opportunity to really stand out with this new marketing channel is now – beat your competitors to it!

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