Restaurant Chatbots are the new apps!

Nobody wants to download a new restaurant app any more. The concept is now about as novel and exciting as a new website launch. People don’t have unused space on their smartphone to park your logo and tend to only download and interact with their core apps, with messaging leading the way. Digital marketing technology is most powerful at its outset, with each product taking its turn in the spotlight – and right now, Messenger chatbots are getting all the attention.

Most people already have Facebook, so they can easily open the app (or desktop version) to interact with your restaurant chatbot with very little effort – no downloading, no registering of new accounts. This empowers customers to interact with you according to their own preferences. Customers might use the automated chat system to order food or drinks, make table reservations using our live booking system technology, access menus and specials, get FAQs answered, give feedback, view locations, connect to a live chat with a human and much more.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Your restaurant chatbot will remember the customer and their preferences in future, enabling it to provide recommendations and predict what the customer would like to do. For example; “Welcome back Owen, would you like to order your favourite burger for collection in 30mins at X location?” YES. “Want to try this week’s special dip with that for an extra dollar?”

Automated Marketing Tools

One of the main advantages of having customers use your restaurant bot is that it creates a new marketing channel for you to exploit before it gets spammed by every business and subsequently auto-ignored. You can send messages to all bot users (or segments) whenever you like, however, our system has the ability to automate messages based on activity…

For example, 24 hours after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“Did you find what you were looking for?”


1 week after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“We haven’t heard from you in a while… check out this week’s specials” [displays whatever you’ve typed into the dashboard]

A summary report could explain whether this brought them back, how much revenue it lead to etc.

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