Real estate bots are replacing apps

Real estate is a relationship-oriented industry… a Facebook Messenger real estate bot can’t replace that connection but it can certainly supplement an agent’s interaction with customers. Using your MLS / IDX API, we can make it possible for your potential clients to search for available properties based on their criteria, find pre-prepared answers to common questions or use a loan calculator, all within the familiar Messenger interface. A chatbot can help to distinguish you in the highly competitive real estate industry, capturing new leads that may never have gotten in touch with you otherwise. Millennials and skeptical prospects typically prefer to interact with a realtor digitally, before picking up the phone. Potential clients can request a showing or even book a slot based on a live appointment system displaying your availability.

Now is the time to really stand out in the crowd with your custom-branded real estate bot; delay and your competitors will beat you to it. Remember when it was impressive to have your own website? or app? People actually used to tell their friends about that exciting new real estate website that allowed them to search for properties and see the results instantly.

A real estate bot is like having a minimal cost worker do all the repetitive yet vital introductory chat and lead qualification for you, before searching entire databases to feed back the relevant information in seconds; minus the typical employment headaches! Grow your business by automating repetitive tasks without growing your workforce. Contact LoyaltyBots today to discuss your real estate bot.


Automated Marketing Tools

One of the main advantages is that it creates a new marketing channel for you to exploit before it gets spammed by every realtor and subsequently auto-ignored. You can send messages to all bot users (or segments) whenever you like, however, our system has the ability to automate messages based on activity…

For example, 24 hours after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“Do you have any questions about …?”


1 week after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“We haven’t heard from you in a while… check out this week’s new listings” [selecting those off your Google Sheet for example]

A summary report could explain whether this brought them back, how much revenue it lead to etc.

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