When you wish to share news, specials or promotions, how do you deliver them? Push messages via Facebook Messenger avoid the clutter

People auto-ignore marketing channels that have already been exploited by businesses. Billboards, newspaper ads, TV ads, online banner ads, social media posts, social media ads and emails were all highly effective marketing channels at one point in time. Once a person sees thousands of irrelevant marketing efforts in a particular channel, their brain no longer even acknowledges the attempt to sell to them. So even if your social media posts happen to show up in customers’ feeds at the exact moment they’re online interacting with friends, they’ll probably ignore it.

Facebook Messenger has over a billion monthly active users. How many marketing messages have been sent to those users? Hardly any. In 2016 Facebook opened up the channel for developers to create chatbots; so since it’s still very early days, now is the time to take full advantage of the opportunity!

You can send out push messages whenever you like, by simply sending an email to an address that we’ll provide. This can be sent to all bot users or to segments – for example, those who’ve previously ordered food through your bot. Most importantly, our intelligent automated marketing system can send these messages based on user activity.

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