How many calls does your law office take from clients asking for a case status update?

Too many? Having worked in an injury law office and provided many others with digital services, we’ve seen first hand how many clients call in to get an update on the status of their case. They do this for 2 reasons:

  • in today’s instant society, people expect to have access to all information and have developed an addiction to checking the status of things
  • they feel that they’re speeding up the process by calling over and over again, when in fact, the overall effect this has on your workforce is detrimental. The more time staff spend answering and responding to status requests, the less time they have to get the work done

This scenario is greatly exaggerated for high volume practices. Take injury law firms for example; an office might have a few hundred open cases, each with multiple steps. These steps could easily be updated on a spreadsheet and made available only to that particular client to view, so that if the status is sent latest medical records, awaiting new offer from insurance company, they would be far less likely to call in. As a result, we believe that a Facebook Messenger or website legal case status bot can significantly reduce the amount of time employees spend providing case updates.

Your custom-branded legal bot may also contain other useful content such as tips, resources and answers to common questions, all delivered in a familiar chat format within Facebook Messenger or via a widget on your website. Contact LoyaltyBots today to learn more about creating your legal case status bot.

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