Get ahead of your competition and automate your guestlist and VIP bookings chat with an innovative guestlist chatbot for Facebook Messenger

We’ll create a custom-branded guestlist chatbot for your business – ideal for bars, clubs, promoters, PR and events companies. Since everybody already has a Facebook account, they won’t need to download a new app or register as a new user. They’ll simply open Messenger on their smartphone, tablet or desktop, search for your bot / business name and tap the Get Started button to interact with it – viewing upcoming events and VIP prices, making reservations, finding answers to FAQs, joining your guestlist and even buying tickets (taking them outside of Messenger to your ticket sales page).

This acts as a powerful CRM tool as you’ll see a list of all the profiles that’ve interacted with your bot (even if they didn’t join your guestlist). Customers can even subscribe to receive updates, meaning you can share the latest events and drinks specials with them via Facebook Messenger; a non-cluttered channel that people don’t auto-ignore like they do email, SMS, Facebook Events, phone calls, banner ads, etc.

The full guestlist could be delivered to you via email or in a spreadsheet and you can receive live notifications on Facebook and via email for each entry if you wish. Also, the guestlist could fill up once it reaches 50 for example.

If that’s not enough, how about the idea of programming your bot to remember the user and make relevant event recommendations on their subsequent visits?

Automated Marketing Tools

One of the main advantages of having customers use your guestlist bot is that it creates a new marketing channel for you to exploit before it gets spammed by every promoter and subsequently auto-ignored. You can send messages to all bot users (or segments) whenever you like, however, our system has the ability to automate messages based on activity…

For example, the day following the night out:

“How was your night? We have a party at … tonight” [displays whatever you’ve typed into the dashboard]


1 week after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“We haven’t heard from you in a while… check out this week’s events”

A summary report could explain whether this brought them back, how much revenue it lead to etc.

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