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Frozen Yogurt Loyalty Program

Check out this Frozen Yogurt Loyalty Program we made for the Easy Breezy chain in San Francisco, runs inside the Facebook Messenger app

Chatbots are the next big thing in marketing. Whole FoodsSubway, Pizza HutDomino’sBurger King, Taco Bell and many more large food brands have a Messenger bot.

Easy Breezy customers simply open the Messenger app and get automatically checked in, adding their name to the top of the dashboard for staff to award them a loyalty stamp. Customers are notified within Messenger when they earn a stamp or when they redeem a reward, which also confirms how many current stamps they have.

It’s the simplest solution for customers since they don’t have to register for a new account (they already have Facebook) and don’t need to download a new app (they already have Messenger). In addition to this, the primary advantage over a paper-based stamp card is that it gives Easy Breezy the option to send messages via Facebook Messenger, a new marketing channel that hasn’t yet been spammed by every business and is therefore not auto-ignored.


This frozen yogurt loyalty program also provides analytics so you can measure its success. You’ll have constant access to your customer database to see how many customers are using it, the number of reward redemptions and total number of stamps given out. An automated message can be sent if a customer hasn’t returned within 14 days (for example), to nudge them back in by notifying them of the latest specials or loyalty offers.

Low cost

This is affordable for small businesses. We offer a 14-day free trial for you to see it in action, with an intro price of $20 / £15 per month. You can lock in the intro price forever by signing up now, but we’ll be increasing prices for new customers in the near future.

Since you obviously can’t award yourself points in the Easy Breezy bot…


(or visit this page for the loyalty points version)

To see it in action, you’ll use two bots at the same time…

1 – Customer Bot

First try the Messenger demo HERE – tap the Get Started button (first visit) or say Hi (subsequent visits) to check-in as a customer

2 – Business Bot

After checking in on Messenger… CLICK ON THE BLUE CHAT CIRCLE in the bottom right of this page to open up the business / staff bot. Say Hi to start it up, then select your name, award yourself stamps and redeem rewards. If you need to restart it at any point just type Exit, then Hi again (we’d actually recommend downloading the Telegram chat app to a tablet for your live bot when it’s in use)

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