Make it as easy as possible for customers to order food from you directly with your own custom food ordering bot on Facebook Messenger

Want more online food orders?

Everybody already has a Facebook account and most have the Messenger app on their smartphone or tablet, if not they can simply use the desktop version. This is convenient for customers since they won’t need to download a new app or register for a new account and it’s precisely why bots are replacing apps, providing the same functionality but within a familiar interface.

Want to avoid sending your customers to an ordering system that charges you a commission for every order?

Your food ordering bot would work just like any other ordering system, displaying your menu for customers to select their meal(s), collection or delivery preference, with time and location. These details will be remembered the next time the user accesses your bot, as it gets to know your customer and provides relevant recommendations based on past usage; making it possible to re-order their favourite in just a few taps. You’ll receive an email notification with the summary, which can be set to auto-print using a wifi-connected printer. All orders will also be added to a spreadsheet so you can see your total sales revenue and most popular menu items.

New Marketing Channel

Your customer can subscribe to receive special offers and updates, which will be delivered via Facebook Messenger! This is a key marketing tool you can take advantage of now, gaining maximum benefit before the channel gets cluttered with every business sending Facebook messages (think about how our brains now auto-ignore marketing emails, banner ads, social media posts).

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