Are you a fitness expert? Increase your following with subscribers on Facebook Messenger, via your custom-branded fitness bot

Messenger bots are the next big thing. Your fitness bot could include step-by-step workout and nutrition guides, giving followers a unique and interactive way to discover and learn from you – TRY THIS DISCOVERY DEMO

Customers will feel like your fitness bot is getting the know them, by learning about their preferences and making recommendations based on their past selections, helping them discover the best workout tips and techniques in a fun and engaging way. Followers can also subscribe to updates in your fitness bot, meaning you can send marketing messages via Facebook Messenger later.

Be a pioneer and embrace this new marketing channel early! This is a unique opportunity to be ahead of your competition by catching the imagination of customers who already spend their time within Facebook Messenger – 1.2 billion monthly active users as of April 2017

Do you have your own YouTube channel? YouTube videos and content in various forms can be integrated into your fitness bot, making it a seamless experience. Finally, you might divert them to your checkout page or elsewhere depending on your monetisation strategy, to convert those engaged users into paying customers.

Automated marketing tools allow you to send messages based on activity

Check out the Whole Foods recipe bot on Facebook Messenger:

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