Paying people to answer the same old questions? Automate repetitive tasks with a customer service bot

Chatbots are the future… the replacement for apps… and humans to some extent. Saving customers the effort of downloading another new app and registering for another new account just to perform a simple task, while handling customer questions automatically and leveraging computing with regards to data search and remembering customer preferences.

Be where your customers are and spend more money on those resources: Messengers are already bigger than social networks (Business Insider) yet how much effort do you put into the cluttered mess that is social media?

Robots with headphones (done in 3d)

Nobody likes calling customer service

In fact, people prefer not to call any business any more. They’d rather get the answer they’re looking for of have their problem solved with a few taps or after a brief text chat. Instead of encouraging customers to call or send a message to a human, you could first send them to a customer service bot. For example, in this article, the UK currency exchange app, Revolut, reported that 20% of enquiries were handled successfully by the bot in early testing – a figure that would surely grow over time. Since banking is a confidential and very personal matter, we would expect this % to be much higher for most other industries.

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