Make use of our automated marketing tools within your Facebook Messenger bot

One of the main advantages of having customers use your bot is that it creates a new marketing channel for you to exploit before it gets spammed by every business and subsequently auto-ignored. You can send messages to all bot users (or segments) whenever you like, however, our system has the ability to automate messages based on activity…

For example, 24 hours after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“Do you have any questions about …?”


1 week after the first interaction, if no action was taken:

“We haven’t heard from you in a while… check out this week’s new arrivals” [whatever you’ve typed into the dashboard]

A summary report could explain whether this brought them back, how much revenue it lead to etc.

If you’re interested in our loyalty rewards program, you can read more about how the automation system works with that HERE

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