Make use of our automated loyalty marketing tools within Facebook Messenger

One of the main advantages of having customers use your digital loyalty rewards program is that it creates a new marketing channel for you to exploit before it gets spammed by every business and subsequently auto-ignored. You can send messages to all bot users (or segments) whenever you like, however, our system has the ability to automate messages based on activity…

“It’s 6-7x more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer” – Bain & Company

For example, 14 days after the first stamp:

“We haven’t seen you in a while… enjoy double loyalty points today until 5pm!”


“We haven’t seen you in a while… this week’s special is [whatever you’ve typed into the dashboard]”

A summary report would explain whether this brought them back in, after how long and how much they spent; as an aggregated summary.

Our automated loyalty marketing tools could be programmed for 3 separate segments:

1. first-time customers – bonus loyalty stamps help retain customers

2. top customers – why not reward your biggest spenders, during slower hours

3. customers whose visits are becoming less frequent – if they used to visit a few times a week but haven’t been for a month, they need a message to help lure them back in!

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